IMPORTANT – Please read and acknowledge these terms and conditions.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I and my student have read and understood the online chess class etiquette, rules, and expectations 

For Students:

  • I agree to find a quiet place and sit on a table and chair, free from distractions (siblings, pets, parents, television).

  • I agree to show up to chess class on scheduled time, a couple of minutes early to ensure proper connection 

  • I agree to turn on the video and wait to be admitted into class. 

  • I agree not to use a virtual background on zoom meeting for the duration of the class 

  • I agree to mute myself except when talking; this limits background noise. (When the teacher calls on you, she will unmute each student. Only one student should contribute/ talk.)

  • I agree to raise my hand when I have something to say, and wait for the teacher to call, maintain eye contact, treat it like a regular classroom 

  • I agree to be respectful and take permission from the teacher before leaving the video screen for any reason (for example restroom break).

  • I agree to refrain from taking help from parents or siblings when answering questions 

  • I agree to complete the chess homework before class begins. (the solutions will be discussed in class.)

  • I agree to be in an appropriate environment & dress appropriately – (your peers will see you!)

  • I agree to refrain from chewing gum, eating, or drinking or doing other tasks in front of the camera, while the class is going on.

  • I agree to come prepared, participate, and have fun!

  • Remember this is a class, so treat it as such.

For Parents:

  • Reminder: This is a special time for the teacher to connect with the students. We appreciate you being quiet observers. 

  • Parents are encouraged to help their children be independent learners and students to be good communicators.

  • If there are technical difficulties, please help out.  If you have questions or concerns, please wait until the end of class.

  • Please ensure that your student’s video remains on during class to promote focus.

  • The zoom links will be sent to the primary parent's email it is the parent’s responsibility to help your child to log on and be on time for class. There is no makeup class offered. If students have additional questions they may stay and ask for clarifications after the regular class ends.

  • If the student plans to be absent and wants class recording, a text must be sent to the instructor.

Makeup policy and Absences 

  • Students have up to two excused absences. If you plan to miss class, please text or email your instructor in advance.

  • Zoom recording of the two missed classes will be sent. 

  • This is an interactive class. On the third or more absences, students may be removed from the program.​

Thank you for supporting the Nine Points Chess Program